Criminal Defense

Kansas and Missouri Criminal Defense Lawyer

Attorney Chris Scott is a former prosecutor with trial and litigation experience in crimes involving felony battery, battery on a law enforcement officer, shootings, stabbings, assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, manslaughter, attempted murder, murder or any other crime you may be accused of involving harm to another person. 

Person crimes often involve long law enforcement investigations, and large amounts of evidence to be analyzed and evaluated.  Person crimes can require significant penalties including jail or lengthy prison sentences.  If charged with a person crime, you need an experienced trial lawyer to thoroughly analyze and investigate the evidence obtained by law enforcement, file any appropriate motions, educate you on potential penalties and resolutions, and to vigorously defend your rights in a court of law. 

If accused of a person crime, do not take your rights and liberties for granted, or underestimate the potential penalties you face.  Hire a trial lawyer with years of experience litigating person crimes to defend your rights and guide you through the criminal justice system.