Criminal Defense

Kansas and Missouri Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Domestic violence cases have unique dynamics and penalties, including jail time or the inability to possess a firearm.  Have you been accused of committing a crime against a spouse, significant other, parent, sibling, or roommate?  As a former domestic violence prosecutor, Attorney Chris Scott has experience with hundreds of cases involving misdemeanor and felony domestic violence charges. 

Whether you are accused of misdemeanor battery, felony battery, or a domestic violence charge involving weapons, you need an experienced lawyer to defend you through the criminal process.  Chris has trial and litigation experience in domestic violence cases including domestic battery, felony battery, aggravated assault, criminal threat, violation of protective orders, kidnapping, and other domestic violence offenses.  Many of his cases involved defendants facing years and decades of potential prison time. 

If you are accused of a crime involving domestic violence, hire an experienced lawyer to thoroughly evaluate your case, give you sound legal advice, and help you defend your rights and explain your side of the story.